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Hello There!

We are Hazel&Gizem
We met 20 years ago at the university. We have both graduated from

Art and Design faculty.

Hazel was born in Paris as the child of a fashion designer mother and

a photographer father.

Gizem was born and raised in a family of individuals engaged in many different branches of creativity.
After taking long time photography as professionals we looked for something more creative and belong to us.

Gizem took a fashion design course and textile print design course.

Hazel have started to improve herself about online sales and marketing.

Then story has begun. Missoi! 
We love to design and create something new and fun but it also has a philosophy.
We sell our scarves at design stores in Istanbul,Bodrum and London.


We wish our scarves bring joy to you.

Thank you so much for visiting our shop! 
Enjoy :)

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